A practical guide for school leaders and managers seeking concrete strategies for professional improvement.

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1-1 & Team Leadership Coaching

Both individual coaching and team coaching are guided by our 5 Square framework and track progress toward measurable goals. Leaders build deeper levels of self-awareness by exploring their triggers, emotions, assumptions, beliefs, and core values.

Coaches meet with individual leaders at least every two weeks in person or via web-conferencing, and the sessions are grounded in the day-to-day adaptive work of the leader. Team coaching takes place in real time, during team leader-led meetings and work sessions.

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Cohort Professional Development

These sessions get leaders out of their “thinking” brains (the neocortex) and into their “feeling” brains (the limbic system). Facilitators use the 5-square framework in group practice, coaching leaders through adaptive role-specific simulations while coaching them to manage their “stuff,” access their “standard,” diagnose root adaptive team challenges and needs, and create optimal conditions of connection and challenge to achieve their goals.

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Train the Trainer

Noble Story Group builds internal organizational capacity to deliver EI-based leadership development and coaching by training a cohort of senior leaders within an organization as experts. Each trainer receives 1-1 5 Square coaching, builds coaching skills in trainer seminars, applies the coaching methodology with the leaders and teams they manage in order to lead effective 1-1 coaching meetings, and learns to facilitate 5 Square cohort development sessions.

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The 5 Square Framework

The 5 Square operationalizes Daniel Goleman's (1995) emotional intelligence theory by creating a framework of guiding questions to support leaders' development of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Click on Our Methodology to learn more.


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